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Drewsystem is committed to the sustainability of the company, both in terms of materials and highly qualified staff. We place great emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources. As of 2021, we have a PV farm with a total capacity of 250 kWp. Thanks to a specialized in-house laboratory, we continuously monitor the emissions of compounds in our products.

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Drewsystem has a set of CNC machines (including eight processing centres from Fanum - Fanum.pl), with which it is able to process even the most complex products. Ten 5-axis CNC machine tools operate continuously to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, including processing components for themselves, as well as external parties.

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The excellently qualified staff ensures the quality and execution of the products at a high level, and the extensive technology department constantly delivers new and interesting designs

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Over 300 models of chairs in many colours and finishes provide a huge range of interior design options, while also focusing on good quality-price ratio. In recent times, chairs on metal frames have become particularly popular. The wide range of textures and colours of the upholstery and the perfectly matched frames mean that Drewsystem chairs will suit any interior.

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Together with its partner company Drewspan, Drewsystem offers more than 700 plywood models. The components are available in a wide range of processing and finishing stages and come in different surface qualities - from outer surface sanded in varnish quality, through laminated and veneer surfaces, to components for upholstery.

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It is worth mentioning that also the company Fanum, based in Wielopole Skrzyńskie, which manufactures modern, numerically controlled CNC machine tools, has capital and personal relations with Drewsystem.

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